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Hängeleuchte LuxR Modux 4 aus Messing
Hängeleuchte Hunza Hanging Lite aus Aluminium Dunkelgrün
Hängeleuchte Hudson Luna Corten

Suspension lamp tree mounting lamp

The hanging lamps are supplied with 1m or 3m chrome steel cable and a correspondingly long cable. They allow direct lighting of garden tables, barbecue areas, terraces, pergola from the ceiling. These can also be hung in trees for downlighting. The tree mounting lights are either provided with a large base and are screwed to the tree trunk (stainless steel) or fixed with a rubber band. The moonlighting effect is perfect for staging dark lawns or path lighting. The moonlight effect is only captivating when a tree shines through from the crown to find the branches as a silhouette on the illuminated surface as an attractive light silhouette.

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