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Outdoor light Hunza Twin Pole Spot path light

Outdoor Lighting Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in New Zealand

Every outdoor light we make is carefully crafted using the latest CNC machining technology and then hand-assembled by people who take personal pride in the quality of each outdoor light.
Visitors to the Auckland factory often comment that the processes are remarkably practical. There are no pointless assembly lines, no conveyor belts, no machines that pound and punch out products at top speed.
We believe that when you hold a Hunza garden light in your hands, you will appreciate the care, precision and pride with which we develop outdoor lights that are truly the best in the world.

The housings are available in up to 4 metal versions. As a highlight, copper is certainly a very special material in outdoor lighting. With their natural patina, copper lights merge with their surroundings and become invisible during the day. Bronze is a zinc copper alloy and also acquires a patina much more slowly. Due to their greater strength, floor lights are made of bronze instead of copper.
If you want an unchanging look, choose the chrome steel version. Lights made from the 316L chrome steel alloy from the V4A family resist salt water and chemicals.
For price-conscious builders, the aluminum version is the priority. These can be powder coated in 10 colors.

The classic design is timeless and has remained unchanged for decades. This also makes it possible to still keep 20 year old Hunza Spike Spots standing. All parts still fit. Each part can be ordered individually. 100% repairable, sustainable by avoiding electronic waste.
Hunza lights can be easily integrated into existing outdoor lighting. Each light can be ordered in different operating modes.
Standard and Recommended: Constant current operation
PureLED modules 1050mA 6vDC
Euro Series: 700mA 6vDC
12V AC alternating current transformer
12V DC direct current power supply
24V DC direct current power supply
Classic series: GU10 230VAC retrofit lights

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