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The SafeTouch 50 inground luminaire has been specially designed with ultimate public safety as the primary goal. It produces optically pure light with high performance, but works with low lens temperatures, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance. It features a fully adjustable gimbal that allows 360 rotation and 0 to 20 elevation. This luminaire is extremely robust, durable and waterproof, making it ideal for installation in public spaces, large projects and residential areas. All Hunza High Power products have an additional powder coating to ensure maximum protection against corrosion.


Caution: Hunza strongly recommends considering ground conditions before selecting this ground mount. i.e. if fertilizer is used or if there is high soil acidity, salinity etc. If there is a possibility that these conditions exist then please specify your fixture with a Solid Bronze body.


Technical specifications

Hunza Safe Touch 50 recessed floor light adjustable

PriceFrom CHF610.00
Excluding VAT
light color
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