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Aussenbeleuchtung für Architekten mit sourcedelumiere sàrl

Services for architects

We offer tailor-made services for architects and landscape architects in all phases of the project.​

Lighting plan for outdoor lighting

Lighting concept on lighting plan

Using plans from the landscape architects, we can put together a detailed lighting concept for you. Our lighting plans also serve as maintenance plans for repairs and expansions. The lighting planning is designed according to the recommendations of AOLP and ELLI and takes local legislation for decorative outdoor lighting into account.​

Demo case with Hunza and LuxR

Sampling and testing

Many builders have trouble imagining future outdoor lighting, which is why we offer samples as well as tests.

A visit to a show garden is a perfect way to start a project to experience the atmosphere of well-designed outdoor lighting.

This helps the building owner enormously and simplifies the later selection of luminaires.​

Auslieferung Hunza Leuchten Kupfer


With a Switzerland-wide partner network, we can implement projects in every part of the country competently, reliably and promptly

xaxada – Swiss Made_kurz_2023.jpg

xaxada building automation​

The unique building automation from xaxada leaves nothing to be desired.

Switch on when the outside camera is detected or when the door is unlocked, we adapt the control exactly to your needs.​

Setting the light, outdoor lighting, garden lighting.jpg

Light adjustment after installation

Ideally designed outdoor lighting is not of much value if the lights are not aligned accordingly. If desired, we will come and adjust the lights correctly in the evening after installation. Orientation and light intensity for the evening scene is configured and saved on site. From now on the enjoyment for the builder only begins.​

Power supplies installed

Guarantees and maintenance​

We only use quality products that have undergone rigorous testing.

We generally recommend annual maintenance of the lighting system. Here all the glass of the lights is cleaned of dirt and limescale and the alignment is visually checked and corrected if necessary. Ground spike lights need to be repositioned slightly depending on plant growth. We would be happy to make you our offer

Satisfaction guaranteed

A lot can happen outdoors, a visit from a family of martens, hail, pickaxes, sheep, scarifiers, etc. unfortunately occasionally cause damage to outdoor lighting. Thanks to the unique modular design of our lighting systems, they can be repaired very cost-effectively even after major events

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