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Outdoor lighting services

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting requires know-how in this area to be able to use it aesthetically and comfortably. Unfortunately, the training courses in Europe are not entirely satisfactory. Far too little attention is paid to design aspects, environment and functionality.

What happens if it's lit too brightly?

So-called focal points arise and appear glistening white, the surroundings are brightened by light scattering and the desired light and shadow play loses its aesthetic effect considerably. The eyes need much more time to adjust when we enter a dark area. The lighting technology coordination of the outdoor lighting is the foundation for creating a positive, emotionally charged atmosphere.

Outdoor lamps are by no means just everyday objects, but rather take on important functions in the design, safety and decoration of outdoor spaces.

The right housing material is crucial; depending on the location, outdoor lamps must withstand corrosion, mold, insects, flooding, salt water, snow and garden tools.

Therefore, weather-resistant materials such as chrome steel, copper, bronze or chromated aluminum are crucial for long operating time.

We currently do not offer any solar lamps as they all fail in terms of longevity. Unfortunately, the environmental impact of electricity consumption is more than offset by the fact that it is thrown away after a few years.

Dienstleistungen rund um die Aussenbeleuchtung

garden lighting

As a specialistgarden lightingas part of the outdoor lighting, we integrate it into the landscape lighting. As a tool, we need ideally adapted lamps for the respective application.

Small lamps the size of a pencil enable invisible light paintings around the terrace during the day. Recessed ground lights with side lighting illuminate the path out of nowhere. Hanging lights above the dining table make the place setting look like an exhibit.


Creating an atmosphere for well-being should be the goal of any well-planned garden lighting.

tree lighting

Structure, dimension and depth effect

Bush and grass lighting

Different heights increase the sense of space

Wall pergola wall lighting

Highlighting special structures

Terrassenbeleuchtung mit sourcedelumiere sàrl

patio lighting

thepatio lightingis part of the garden lighting and has completely different requirements. Here the individual wishes and requirements are decisive for the conception and integration.


Eating outside with family and friends in the evening becomes a stimulating experience when the mood is right. 

Recessed floor light LuxR Modux 4 chrome steel
Recessed floor light LuxR Modux 4 all materials

hanging light

inground light

recessed ceiling lights

Table lighting from the canopy, pergola or conservatory

Indirect terrace lighting from the ground

Direct patio lighting from the canopy

Eingangsbeleuchtung mit sourcedelumiere sàrl

entrance lighting

theentrance lightingis the business card of every property. Safety first as a stumble can have devastating repercussions. 

Obstacles must be visible and visitors must be guided safely to the entrance. We give your entrance a little bit of magic  

Wegbeleuchtung LuxR Modux 1 Wayfinder

path light

Path lighting with mini bollard lights 


In-ground path light

Path lighting in entrance lighting like background image


surface-mounted wall light

Wall-mounted luminaires for entrance lighting

Einfahrtsbeleuchtung mit sourcedelumiere sàrl

driveway lighting

The driveway is the first impression when you come home. The first impression counts, so we beautify them with oursdriveway lightingevery evening homecoming and ensure with lighting technology that they come home safe and with a smile.

Surface-mounted wall light
Driveway lighting bollard light
Stair lights

recessed wall lights

bollard lights

stair lights

Recessed wall lights 

allows discreet but spectacular 

driveway lighting

bollard lightsare ideal for long driveways, these are available in a wide variety of designs

For security in thestair lightingthe first and last step must always be clearly visible, not too dark in between

Wegbeleuchtung mit sourcedelumiere sàrl

path lighting

Safety comes first, so this aspect must always be taken into account, but with a little thought and creativity, it canpath lightingbecome a beautiful addition to garden lighting

Path lighting
Small pole light for path lighting
In-ground path light

path lights

mast lights

In-ground path light

path lights

must enable a secure step but avoid any glare 

Smallmast lightswith adjustable lamp head can fulfill several tasks in one.

If during the day the lights should not impair the aesthetics of the outdoor spaceIn-ground path lights

Schwimmbadbeleuchtung mit sourcedelumiere sàrl

swimming pool lighting

Many pools come with built-in lights. These are alarmingly often in the wrong place. We provide various lighting solutions for swimming pool lighting. LED strips, surface-mounted pool spotlights for retrofitting or illuminating the water inlet transform every type of pool into an eye-catcher. 

Pool spotlight Astel

pool spotlight

pool spotlight

by Astel from Slovenia enable lighting in every type of pool

LED Band sourcedelumiere

LED tape

LED Band enables breathtaking lighting scenarios with the right product and installation

Pool light.png

pool light

For swimming ponds and natural swimming pools, we have a full range of pool lights for every pool size

Brunnenbeleuchtung Wasserspielbeleuchtung

fountain lighting

Fountains and water features are popular places to relax in the garden. With a skilful lighting upgrade, it becomes an eye-catcher and the central element of many garden lights

Fountain light.png

fountain light

fountain light

These usually have a heavy base so that they can be easily set up in their position

LED band

LED tape

LED Band enables breathtaking lighting scenarios with the right product and installation

Cascada ring light

ring light

In order to stage fountains perfectly, we sell the Cascadaring lightin different light levels

Teichbeleuchtung mit sourcedelumiere sàrl

pond lighting

Water and light is a special combination that makes every garden pond or swimming pond a feast for the eyes. It must be well thought out from where the light beam should act to avoid glare. A task that should not be underestimated, for which we provide the right tool.

Pond light for pond lighting.png

pond light

Pond light are specially kept in low-voltage technology so that the builders are not exposed to any risk. For the smallest pool at the entrance or large swimming ponds, we have the right light.

Landschaftsbeleuchtung Aussenbeleuchtung Gartenbeleuchtung Burgdorf

landscape lighting

spike light

The combination of all outdoor lighting into a harmonious, balanced and coordinated work of light art. The goal of landscape lighting is the daily rediscovery of your green oasis. Its face changes with the seasons, evoking emotions such as amazement, curiosity and well-being. It is subject to the design rules and works with structures, contrast, colors and shapes to stimulate our visual perception in the most pleasant way. 

Copper in Landscape Lighting.png

ground spike light

Erspiesslampe is the most commonly used design for landscape lighting. The simple repositioning allows a constant adjustment to the growth of the garden

Aluminum lamp.png

aluminum lights

aluminum lightsare a cheap alternative, but they should only be used where there is no risk of damage to the silicone thermal coating.

copper lights

Chrome steel light.png

copper lightsprove to be the most robust garden lights. Thanks to the corrosion that has lasted for years, it only gets dark and after about 7 years they start to turn greenish, invisible in every garden

chrome steel lamp

Chrome steel lamp robust and timeless, thanks to the V4A 316L mixture, these lights also optically withstand salt water influences. When the sun is shining, these can be annoying in the garden. 

In the area of houses and apartments - from the point of view of the residents - we speak of Smart Home. Property management companies, logisticians, as well as industrial and commercial real estate often talk about building automation. The one no longer differs from the other. The optimization of access, electricity, heating and cooling is the basis of any automation - including the optimization of solar energy.

xaxada was trimmed from the start for completeness and user-friendliness together with homeowners, tenants and administration. xaxada is comprehensive and yet as easy for the user as making a phone call. xaxada gives the residents and users back rights in the property that were only accessible to experts for many years. Even a layman can configure the logical adaptation of a door lock, a button or a motion detector himself. Expensive support is not necessary. The adaptation of xaxada for your apartment is easy and takes place without specialists, situationally quickly, without delay with a graphic interface, click-clack. xaxada is not only easy to use - it's also fun.

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