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The ideal solution for your outdoor lighting with the best products for this. Atmospheric outdoor lighting requires a harmonious coordination from the driveway lighting to the entrance lighting with gentle transitions into the path lighting, stair lighting running into the terrace lighting which works with the garden lighting, fountain lighting, swimming pool lighting, pond lighting, right up to the outdoor kitchen lighting as a harmonious work of light.

Our goal is to enhance and secure your surroundings at night with atmospheric outdoor lighting - light to feel good, enchant, marvel, inspire, relax, discover - simply to enjoy!

We only sell outdoor lights that are designed to last a long time. The garden lights from Hudson, LuxR and Hunza are fully repairable. Each component of these lights is available individually and can be replaced by the user themselves.

The Hudson Lighting Ltd. series is exceptional. UK. Each of these outdoor lights can be configured with 3 different light intensities. The LED chips can be replaced at any time and offers a level of flexibility that was previously unattainable.

For lovers of natural materials, LuxR and Hunza also offer all lights made of copper. The slowly progressing patina of copper causes the lights to disappear more and more from their outdoor environment year after year.

Controlled via the in-house xaxada building automation system, every evening becomes a highlight.

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WiFi compatible and controllable


Our partners offer you safe commissioning and maintenance


An average outdoor lighting consumes only 30W per hour, this saves you watching TV for 20 minutes less


All outdoor lights are made of chromated aluminum with silicone powder coating, chrome steel 316L V4A or copper


xaxada is purely web-based, no additional app or system restrictions due to technology - simply open the link via SMS, WhatApp, email and control conveniently!


Existing outdoor lighting can be easily adjusted with Hunza | LuxR lights can be expanded. Many models available in 12/24V technology, constant current or 230V AC version.

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