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LuxR Aussenleuchte Boden- Wand- oder Deckeneinbau Chromstahl Model Squarelight
Hudson Aussenleuchte Wegleuchte Halo Boden-, Wand-, Deckenbau
Hunza AussenleuchtenDeckeneinbauleuchte Tilting Eave aus Chromstahl

Floor, wall, ceiling recessed light

All spike lights also exist as recessed floor lights because, depending on the installation location, a recessed floor lamp makes more sense in terms of aesthetics and maintenance. The ground recessed lights offered here can all be driven over by robotic lawnmowers, many also by vehicles. With the exception of the Hunza Safe Touch series and the Drive Way Lite, the corresponding installation housings must be ordered separately. The built-in housing enables maintenance of the lamp. A loop of approx. 10-30cm is left underneath the lamp to easily pull the lamp out of the housing and maintain it. Each recessed floor light can also be mounted in a wall or in the ceiling, we offer the appropriate mounting material. 

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