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Schwimmbadleuchte Poolscheinwerfer Hunza Pool Spot aus Chromstahl 316L V4A Elektropoliert
Schwimmbadleuchte Poolschweinwerfer Astel Meteor Serie

Swimming pool lights pool spotlights

The swimming pool lighting or Pool lighting is also an important element of landscape lighting. Too much light would destroy all the effects in its surroundings, draw our pupils closed and thus massively disrupt the overall impression. Too little light makes the effect look dull and dull. It is sensitive to glare and requires some planning for light positions and beam angles.

Water should be illuminated in the light color warm white 3000k; with 2700k the water appears gray and unattractive. Pool lighting can look very attractive as an RGBW multi-color light display, but you must be aware that proper color lighting control is complex. In natural pools, the fountain lights and pond lights can simply serve as a decorative element; for conventional swimming pools we recommend the Astel pool lights. These are only 10mm thick and can be installed surface-mounted without much effort, which also allows for retrofitting.

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