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Wandaufbauleuchte Hunza Pagoda Lite Aussenleuchte
Aussen Wandaufbauleuchte Hunza Tier Lite aus Kupfer
Aussen Wandaufbauleuchte Doppelkopf Hunza Twin  Wall Spot in Aluminium Schwarz

Surface-mounted wall light

The surface-mounted wall light enables an aesthetic lighting solution from any wall, facade or pillar. These can have one directional light body or two. These are also often used for indirect lighting. In outdoor lighting, no light source should be directly visible and cause glare. For this purpose, anti-glare tubes and honeycomb blinds are used to direct the light to where it belongs.

0-2m from water, only 12V / 24V lights may be used as well as constant current power supplies which only turn up to a maximum of 48V DC and have SELV technology.

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