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Brunnenleuchte LuxR Modux 1 Pond aus Chromstahl
Teichleuchte LuxR Modux 4 Pond aus Chromstahl 316L V4A
Teichleuchte Hudson Aqua verstellbar mit Standfuss

Pond light fountain light

Pond lighting and fountain lighting belong to the premier class of landscape lighting. It is sensitive to glare and requires some planning for light positions and beam angles. Water should be illuminated in the light color warm white 3000k; with 2700k the water appears gray and unattractive. Pond lights must be operated in the low voltage range up to a maximum of 48v DC. For this purpose, use the appropriate constant current power supply which does not turn up to over 48vDC and has SELV technology.

Please do not use copper lights in water tanks with fish!

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