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Wandleuchte Hunza Mouse Lite Bronze
Wandaufbau Aussenleuchte verstellbar Hunza Wall Spot aus Kupfer

Floor, wall, ceiling light

On walls, walls, poles, pillars, ceilings that do not allow recessed lighting, we need surface-mounted lights. These are provided with a support with central screw, flange or base to fix it on wood, concrete, stone, metal structures. 

As an example in the background, built-in lights would only be feasible at great expense, the surface-mounted light offers an attractive alternative here. Façade lights for architectural lighting are a central component of this design, as are the so-called "tree lights" which are mounted in the trees and create a "moonshine" effect from top to bottom. 

Auf und Ab Wandaufbau Aussenleuchten Hunza Pillar Lite
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