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This LED stake light is smaller than most standard stake lights on the market, but it packs a huge punch!

With up to 1,100 lumens, this lamp is suitable for lighting large areas.

During the day it blends in with the plants, but at night it opens up a whole new world of color to your outdoor project.

Submersible (IP68)

Small but powerful with a user-replaceable 6W Cree LED.

10 year warranty.

Assembled with 2 meters of flexible 2-conductor cable.


Reverse polarity and overcurrent protection up to 100 V DC.

Safe for children and adults - no risk of electric shock.

All components of the fixture are replaceable, ensuring that the fixture will last many years beyond the warranty.

Can only be used with daisy chained 350mA LED drivers only.


The absolute highlight for installers:

Reverse polarity protection lights up red in case of incorrect connection and prevents damage to the LED chip.

Hudson products can be supplied in any individual RAL color - prices on request

Most models can be made in copper or chrome steel upon request


Light colors are available (2700k, 3000k, 4000k)


Technical sheet

Hudson Midi spike spot

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