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The Hunza Pond Lite High Power pond light is an adjustable underwater light for pond lighting, fountain and water feature lighting with a high light output of 1200lm.


It is available in different versions which are perfectly tailored to your application.


aluminumOnly use in pools where there is no risk of mechanical damage to the lamp body.

chrome steelcan be used anywhere. Recommended for all installations where there is a risk of mechanical damage during maintenance. 


The version without a foot can be installed for attachment to a wall, stone, brick wall, etc. In ponds with liner, we recommend the version with a heavy foot, which is simply clamped in the gravel. 


In the 2m zone around water, only low-voltage lamps and SELV transformers with a maximum of 48V may be used.


Water looks very nice with the light color 3000K warm white. For the sake of nature, neutral white and cold white should be avoided. 


It is fully submersible and tested to IP68 protection. A weighted base model is available that allows the light to be placed at the bottom of the pond without drilling mounting holes.


Technical specifications

Hunza Pond Lite High Power IP68 pond light

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