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first layer LuxR
Modux Micro Spot copper with anti-glare tube
Modux Micro Step stainless steel 316L V4A
Modux Micro Darklighter stainless steel 316L V4A
Modux One Spike Aluminum ECO Black
Modux One Wayfinder Aluminum ECO Bronze
Modux Four Spike Copper with anti-glare tube
Modux Two round stainless steel 316L V4A
Modux two/four head Path PL4 copper
Modux Squarelite copper with two/four heads
Pin for M1, M2, M4
2nd layer Hunza
Wall spotlight aluminum ECO Bronze
Path Lite PL4 316L V4A stainless steel
Pillar Lite Copper
350mA power supply
700mA power supply
1050mA power supply
Extension cords for demonstrations
Color demo discs

Showcase LuxR - Hunza

Excluding VAT
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